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Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) are often words you hear when people are involved in a dispute. What is the difference between mediation and alternative dispute resolution? And what do pigeons eating ice cream have to do with it?

Well, as far as mediation is concerned, it is a form of ADR, one option, that involves a neutral third-party mediator facilitating communication between the parties to help them reach a mutually acceptable resolution to their dispute. The mediator does not impose a solution but rather helps the parties reach a solution on their own.

ADR, on the other hand, refers to a wider category of dispute resolution processes - more "flavors" to choose from - that are alternative to traditional litigation in court. In addition to mediation, other forms of ADR include arbitration, negotiation, conciliation, and collaborative law.

So, while all mediations are a form of ADR, not all ADR methods are mediations. Just as every dove is a pigeon, but not all pigeons are doves. It depends on the specific dispute resolution process that is being used.

However, I don't know if pigeons like ice cream or what their favorite flavor is if they do!

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