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Exploring the Mediation High Road:
•Respect  •Self Determination  •Neutrality  •Impartiality


     In this blog, I want to share facts and ideas about mediation, both with those who are not familiar with mediation as well as with professionals who are interested in or already work in this field. 

   I view mediation as a facilitated process designed to resolve conflict between the parties in a voluntary and mutually acceptable way, through neutral third-party assistance.

     Mediation is a great alternative to proceedings that are more contentious, such as litigation or arbitration. My process of mediation facilitates dialogue and aims to achieve a mutually acceptable solution, respecting the self-determination of all parties.


     I am a full-time professional mediator based out of Los Angeles, although I don't only mediate locally - I will mediate nationally and globally as well.

     I've worked on a variety of types of cases. Prior to mediating, I spent more than twenty-five years as a trial attorney at Weidmann & Associates, where I litigated thousands of employment cases,  participated in hundreds of mediations, and tried many cases, receiving seven-figure verdicts.

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     I bring a unique perspective to mediation, understanding the issues of both sides and providing years of experience to resolving cases fairly for all parties.

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